Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cheers to the Weekend

This weekend was rather productive in general.  Laundry? Check.  Cleaning? Check.  Thrifting? Double-Check!

The first flea market of the year started yesterday so of course I braved the chill to check it out.  Also, I was able to check out three thrift stores in addition to the aforementioned chores and starting a new job.  Woohoo for me! hahaha

Isn't it all beautiful!  The back left is a plain white corning platter (more on it later). Beside it is a lid for the Pyrex Cosmopolitan casserole dish.  Now i just really hope I can find the dish to go with it.  The piece of flameware is an older style teapot sans lid that I happen to adore.  Beneath it is the smaller version of the Pyrex Brittany Blue tart pan that could double as a lid for the casserole dishes.  Beneath it is two plain Jane pie plates.  Up front is an older style casserole dish topped by a rather unique custard cup.  It's sides aren't nearly as steep as most I have ever seen and the glass is rather thin.  Have you ever seen any of these custard cups?

This was the stamp on the back of the Corning platter.  I had never seen it prior to finding it on the back of the plate from a few posts back.  Problem:  Still no information on it.  So have you ever seen this stamp or have any information on it?

Finally was this Butterfly Gold divided casserole.  The most interesting thing about this dish was that the lid and the casserole were actually found two different places.  The lid was found early in the day at the flea market for a dollar and the bottom was found at a SA a half hour before they closed for $3.  Now that is what I call fate.

My small cookbook collection also expanded over the weekend.  This was another one of the first things I got into collecting.  I loved that they were affordable and the neat graphics they tended to have.  Proof:  All eight of these were $2 at GW and look at the cuteness on the front of the Jell-o one.

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