Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Collection Gap - Filled!

I'm certain by this post you have already gathered that I have a large amount of Pyrex and that I collect it with great enthusiasm.  It may be a bit of a surprise to you that - until today - I did not have a set of primary mixing bowls.  I know, I know...that's almost a crime.  If someone mentions Pyrex, this is the mixing bowl set that comes to mind for most.  Yet it was not represented in my collection?  Even though I have three of the primary refrigerator sets?  Something isn't right. 
I've got to explain how this happened.  First of all I'm a naturally frugal person and could never bring myself to pay the sticker price on complete sets.  Second, have you tried to find a red primary in the thrifts not completely trashed by the dishwasher?  The most surprising reason though is that originally I didn't plan on even attempting to complete a primary set.  I had much more interest in the turquoise patterns.  Well now that I've expanded far beyond turquoise...I felt the need to add some primary mixing bowl love to my collection. 
Today I sent my dad out thrifting and to the antique store.  Last week I had asked one of my favorite antique stores to hold an incomplete set that included the yellow, green, and two decent red bowls.  Then he stopped at another store and found a completely pristine-mint-condition-beyond-belief red and blue bowl.  Combine the two, and I bring you my completed set of primary bowls.  

Just look at that red shine. 
He also picked up the small brown bowl.  Now I have to spare red being in "good" condition and the other (a 1940's un-numbered) in "fair". 
At Goodwill he also found a blue mason jar and five Pyrex dinner ware cereal bowls for about $2.50 for all.  Go Dad!
And this doesn't even include the gem he found a few nights ago...hmmm...that shall wait till next blog post.  If I keep sending him out on my behalf, I will be broke shortly. 
Happy thrifting everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Finding Turquoise!

After two years of searching thrifts, yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores, I am pleased to introduce my new baby - a Pyrex turquoise mixing bowl.  Not only have I never found one to purchase, I had never saw one in person at all.  So yes, when I saw it on the shelf at Goodwill I squealed and practically knocked my mom over trying to reach it.  Sorry Mom!  Although it isn't in pristine condition (lack of shine, some marks and scratches), I am thrilled that it wasn't dish wash destroyed and still has it's beautiful color.  I'm just so tickled!  Finally!
Pictured with it is it's new baby sister, the smallest opal mixing bowl.  This is in fact a true opal with no present markings to identify it...which probably explains why it was still at Goodwill. 

It wanted a solo close up...I had to oblige. 

Then there was all this too.  So yeah, I'm still actively thrifting...just not actively blogging.  I'll try to work on that.  Pictured include 3 juice carafes to add to the collection.  The smaller lemon print one was a gift from my mom and the other two I found a goodwill.  Also from my mom was the fridgie lid and the two see and store canisters, one of which is an especially large size I love.  I found the English Pyrex, The Cracker Barrel, and large shaker at Goodwill along with the non-Pyrex Pitcher that I liked the teal swirls on.  

There is still some more I have yet to photograph...and I should be picking up some goodies tomorrow.  So hopefully I will blog them far quicker than these finds.  Happy Thrifting everyone!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Untold Tales #4: Nesbitt's Orange Soda

This collection started as a complete my barn...under layers of dust.  I found this Nesbitt's thermometer some time ago hanging in the far reaches and couldn't quite believe it.  How had I not noticed this thing before?  After taking it over to the house, I cleaned it up a bit and was surprised how bright the colors were.  Aside from some rust spots, it was in decent shape...considering where I found it that is.  I added some twine and has been hanging on my wall ever since.

Knowing this, you can understand how I was compelled to pick up these two glass soda bottles at a yard sale (for a dollar each) this past summer. 

From my research, founded in 1924, the Nesbitt's Fruit Products Company remained in operation until the 1970's when it was sold off.  During the 1940's and 1950's, Nesbitt's was the leading maker of orange pop until surpassed by Fanta in the 1960's.  The bottles can be dated to the later part of the company's life.  As for the thermometer, I am uncertain. 

Well that's all for now folks!  Tell me, have you ever "found" goodies amongst your own belongings?

Also, I have been doing some thrifting lately... however my time is in short supply now that classes started back up at college.  Hopefully I'll get it all blogged and ready to share soon, I'm definitely excited about some of it. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Untold Tales #3: Pyrex Prize Recipes

It's time to tell another Untold Tale!  Prior to my blogging existence, I had a far more limited view on the goodies to look for.  So many things that I now search for without fail, I didn't even know existed.  It was therefore a surprise to me when I first started to read about how many people were tickled pink to finally get this book...when I had stumbled upon it at a Goodwill...without even looking for it. 
Let's say I was relieved that I hadn't passed it up. 
Even now I still just love looking through it seeing all the beautiful Pyrex in use. 
There are also all kinds of different uses throughout it which I would have never thought of (baking a cake in a mixing bowl for instance). 
And okay, I can't forget the neat-o recipes too.  

Well that's all for now folks!  Have you ever found a "treasure" amongst the things you previously acquired?