Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Red-y!

This past week I had a theme going at the flea market...it was almost all of the white and red variety.  I'm okay with this though since it's all just pretty adorable. 

Pretty darn cute huh?  And the best part...all these goodies cost only $10.  The red handled knives, tongs, etc were all only fifty cents each.  I was especially excited about the tongs.  The Presto recipe booklet was also only 50 cents and from the 1940's.  The metal thingy is a scooper that is similar to the one my dad got me for my birthday.  I thought the towel was really cute with the red design.  The simple red pot holder was only a quarter.  Finally - the Pyrex.  The measuring cup was only a dollar and the Opal mixing bowl was $3.  I was pretty excited to find the mixing bowl as it is my first piece of Opal. 

That tis all for now!  Hoosier update should be coming soon since I got some good progress in on it today.  It's finally coming together - literally!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blendor Buddies

Do you happen to remember my cutie pie Waring Blendor from a while back?  Well this is it's new friend!

Okay, so it may not make too much sense that I bought another one of these... But I have a completely valid reason.  While I still have high hopes of fixing the small leak on the other one, I'm slightly unsure of whether I'll be able to find the parts necessary.  Therefore, when this one in practically mint condition turned up at my local flea market for only $20, I grabbed it.  At least this way I'll be certain that I have a nice one of them.  

Next up are the semi-random items.  I found the Pyrex Bake-a-Round in it's original box with instructions at a yard sale for a whopping $1, I cannot argue with that pricing.  The wood spoon was fifty cents at the flea market, the red wood handled thing-a-ma-bob was a quarter at a yard sale, and the Pyrex cradle was also a quarter!  I believe the cradle goes to the divided Royal casserole (Which I also happen to have...I'm sure that doesn't surprise you). 

That tis all for now, happy thrifting everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twas Luck!

Do you know that feeling you get when you see that thing you've been looking for?  The one you've been checking every place you could think of for the last however long hoping you could find it (and at a reasonable price).  Well I got that amazing, gleeful, adrenaline filled feeling over a Westinghouse Portable Mixer.  And yes, I recognize this is slightly sad.  But just look at it!  It's in impeccable condition, has the original directions and purrs like a kitten!  As an added bonus, it's quite heavy since it was made in the 50's, so I can get some strength training in while I cook.  Two birds with one stone. 

I also got some awesome other goodies too.  First up on top is a Pyrex Black Tulip casserole with cradle from my favorite vendor at my local flea market.  The Pyrex Heinz promotional also came from the flea market and is in near mint condition.  The small Pyrex Amish Blue Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowl came from an antique mall which fully completes the set my dad had picked up last week (and that I gushed about in my last post).  Also pictured is the strawberry metal tray I found at Goodwill and the mail/sorting/organization thing-a-ma-bob I got the same time as the Butterprint bowl.  

Next is some Pyrex fate!  Over a year ago I had purchased this red Pyrex holiday promotional mixing bowl at an antique store.  Although it didn't have the cradle or lid that it originally came with, I was in love with it.  Now as you can see, it is sitting in a cradle which doesn't fit with my story.  I found this cradle, the exact one that is was supposed to come with at Goodwill for less than a dollar.  It's a match made in Pyrex heaven. 

Also pictured is a red primary fridgie I found at the flea market for only $4, woohooo!  Only one more to find in order to complete the primary set.  Finally, I got the Friendship casserole up at the antique mall, although I paid slightly more than usual for this piece (I like under $10 and it was $12), it was in amazing condition with no dishwasher damage.  And for some reason this pattern is uncommon in this area, this was only the second piece I've found in good condition and at a slightly reasonable price.  

Well that's all for now folks!  Hopefully more coming soon.  I should also have some updates on my apron and Hoosier cabinets soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Early American 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

I would have loved to have made this a themed post for it, but I ended up with such a hodge podge I'll just have to wing it and see how it turns out.  First up on my recent thrifting joys were a set of Pyrex Amish Blue Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowls.  My dad actually scored these at a flea market for only $15!  Wooohoooo! You go Pop!  I tell ya folks, he is getting good with this Pyrex stuff.  You may notice that the smallest bowl is missing...well lets say that this Pyrex tale is going to have a happen ending in my next post.  He also found all these Early American fridgies for around $12.  There are four small ones (3 lids) and a medium one with a lid.  These kind of go with the Independence Day thing right?  Since they are Colonial inspired and all...

Next up are some more mixing bowls!  He (being my dad) also found this set of Pyrex Sandalwood ones in near mint condition for $15.  And just as an fyi in case you're curious...this makes my 7th set.  I found the Pyrex Juice pitcher/jug at the flea market last weekend.  Although it seems a little worn from the dishwasher, it was only $2 so it was sold!  Also pictured are a pink Pyrex pie plate and cake pan as well as some more Pyrex flameware.  

Fridgies, fridgies everywhere.  Last time we were to the flea market, I had passed up these orange fridgies.  After 24 hours, both my father and I were having non-buyers remorse.  They are now my new friends.  My dad also found the older green handled can lifter and Revere Ware sauce pan. 

Now it's time for a question though.  Does anyone know what set/sets these fridgies originally came in?  Any assistance would be appreciated!

Well that's all for now folks!  This morning while out and about I got a few more goodies, so hopefully I'll get a post for them up soon as well.