Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Massive Catch Up Post

 My my my, it has been too long.  Do not fret though, even with my hiatus in the blog world, I have found time between my two jobs and college to thrift my little heart out.  In fact you could say with the additional stress, my thrifting has increased...dramatically. In addition to that my father has been picking stuff up as well. This photo demonstrates approximately two thirds of my finds from the past month and a half.  I've been hitting yard sales, thrift stores, second hand shops, antique stores, and flea was so worth it. 

Don't worry, there are close ups.  First up, I got the Desert Dawn bread pan for a dollar at a new little secondhand shop in my area.  I also found the Town and Country refrigerator dish set, one yellow fridgie, and three Butterfly Gold fridgies there.  The best part, ALL of them were $24...I will be returning to this shop.  Under the BFG fridgies are two rough cookbooks that the one flea market vendor gave me.  I also purchased the measuring cup there.  I finally found a Pyrex Square baker.  Finally for this picture was the two casseroles, one is a Verde and the other is Pink Daisy (for a dollar!).  

Next, we have a Snowflake Blue fridgie that I found at the flea market.  This is also where I found the wood trivet and blue fridgie.  At Goodwill I found the two Books, pink band tea cup, small wood see and store and blue rimmed saucer.  

More :)  I found the three utensils at the flea market as well as the BFG casserole hiding on the bottom.  The Amish Blue Butterprint casserole was found at a yard sale for - dun, dun, dun - $1.  Last for this photo was the kiddie bundt pan by Glass Bake I found at Goodwill.  

The set of Brown Homestead casseroles came from the flea market for $15.  Also from the same vendor yet a different weekend was the red hostess for $6.  All the Halloween cutouts throughout the photos came from an antique store for 25 cents each.  

And more goodies from the flea market.  The sifter ($8), red fridgie ($2), red primary mixing bowl ($4), pink gooseberry bowl ($3), and antique jar lifter ($4) all made it's way home from there (Thanks Dad!).  The straw jar and salt/pepper shaker came from Goodwill.  The federal eagle bowl was a dollar fifty at a yard sale.  

Just an photo of the cute illustration in the children's books.  I love the Natural Science one.  

I found some new little cookbooks that have become some of my favorites.  These are my "loves" of my large booklet collection.  

Ohhh, and this chair minus actual sitting component was a dollar.  I see potential here. 

Now the Cinderella story of the post/ deal of the day/ favorite find of all time!  Over a year ago I had picked up this set of mixing bowls at an antique mall for $8.  The middle bowl however was severely dishwasher damaged.  


My dad was absolutely fantastic and found these two bowls for me at a yard sale.  Both are in excellent condition and the best part?  They were both ONE DOLLAR...he is a lucky fella. 

As you can see...the four quart was needed to complete my set and the smaller of the two perfectly replaces the one that was dishwasher damaged. 

Voila!  Four piece Amish Blue Butterprint mixing bowl set for $9.  I just about fainted. 

In case your curious...amongst the items I was unable to photograph were:
  • Pyrex flameware percolator
  • Rubbermaid cupboard organizer rack thing
  • 1960's iron, new in box
  • Pink Daisy Divided Casserole
  • Various Flameware pieces
  • Saltine Cracker tin
Considering the fact that this took well over an hour to write, I need to be a more consistent blogger and keep up with my goodies. 

P.S.  I forgot the chair used in the photos, I also found it for $4.