The List

It seems that all people with the collecting bug have certain items that they really search for.  You know the one's I'm talking about don't you?  The ones that make you do a little happy dance or exclaim a little too loudly in the store.  The ones that upon purchasing, you proceed to show to every-single-person-you-know.  The ones that for some reason or another you "forget" to put away for weeks, when really you just want to appreciate them sitting beautifully on the kitchen table.  Well, these are the items, that upon my finding (and due to excessive optimism I know I will) you will see a rather long blog post with multiple photos devoted to. 

  • Pyrex Chip and Dip Set - I'm not particular on a pattern.
  • Pyrex Double Broiler
  • Pyrex Amish Blue Butterprint small and medium fridgies
  • Pyrex Large Saucepan
  • Pyrex Turquoise square baker, cake pan, and loaf pan.
  • The remaining pieces required to complete seating for 10 in the blue banded Pyrex dinnerware.
  • Fiestaware pitcher
  • Fiestaware metal napkin dispenser
  • Pyrex 2 small red fridgies
  • Pyrex Snowflake Blue large fridgie
  • Set of vintage aluminum measuring cups
  • Pyrex 2 small red fridgie (again, I started another set)
  • Vintage electric hand mixer
  • Vintage Dust Pan
  • Pyrex Red Hostess Dish Lid and smaller dishes
  • Pyrex Space Savers
  • Pyrex Yellow Hostess dish smaller dishes
  • Vintage Toaster or Dualit Toaster
  • Pyrex Early American Large frigie
  • Vintage Canister Set
  • Vintage Telephone
  • Crock Pot

I will be adding to and crossing off items from this list as I find them or deem them "necessary" for my collection.  Now the question is, what is the number one item on your wish list?


  1. Good luck!!

    I feel lucky to have the pieces I do-I'm not really desperate for any special pIeces right now, but there's quite a few I would snatch up quickly, if they were bargain priced!

    1. Thank you Jill! Since you don't have any specific items you're looking for, hopefully you'll find those ones that the bargain price to snatch up. Those ones always turn out to be the best ones anyways hehe

  2. The number one item on my list, right now, is the Pyrex yellow dots bowl. Maybe because it's Spring, but I just want a lot of yellow right now. I hope you find all of your list! The turquoise dinnerware is so beautiful! I'm trying to do the lime green.

    1. Thank you Nicole! Hopefully you're able to find your yellow dots bowl as well, it certainly is perfect for the spring/summer vibe. Best of luck on the lime green dinnerware also! I love the all the colors of the banded dinnerware; it and the flameware are my biggest Pyrex weaknesses.

  3. I too have quite a "wish list" and realized that I have about 20 more items I want to add to the list! Once the holidays are all over with and it will soon be the 'dead of winter' I think on those cold winter nights, I will re-vamp my wish list and 'dream notebook' while sipping hot chocolate!


Thank you so much for any comments or feedback! I adore hearing from the people who take the time to read my overly excited - sometimes scatter brained - posts.

- Cal :)