Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Rummage Sale to Get Me By

As of late I have been having some thrifting withdrawal as the flea markets in my area are officially done for the year.  The other day I was quite pleased to find some rummage sales going on this weekend and therefore got up quite early to check them out before heading into my shift at work.  Therefore, tonight I am a sleepy blogger.   I found some really awesome goodies though that I can't wait to share...and because it was all at rummage sale prices, the grand total for all was less than $20. 

Otay!  The back fabric is a set of pleated curtains that I have not made plans for yet, but I did really like.  In terms of kitchenware, I found the sifter, Revere Ware 8 inch skillet, four red napkins pictured in sifter, spaghetti fork, and Pyrex Bradford House platter (total of three platters purchased). 

In the skillet is an old ornament marked Made in West Germany.  The old school ice pack was a BIG find for me.  I know this seems quite odd, but I really wanted to find one.  I had even come close to purchasing one for $10 before but chickened out...then decided to go back and get it to find the price increased to $15 (Too high for me).  Since then I have really been hoping to find another one.  The best part about this one?  It was only fifty cents AND was new in box AND was a cute blue pattern.  Score :) 

All the books were only a quarter each.  Although most were children's books, they all range in years from 1903 to 1971.  One of the non-kiddie books was the Pennsylvania one, I absolutely love the illustrations in it. 


Another odd find was this Smurfs fabric.  It's quite large measuring 34x44 inches.  I have absolutely no clue what I'm going to do with it. is very cute...and it was only a quarter.  

Also purchased but not pictured was a fabulous bright yellow wooden folding chair for four dollars (which I plan to turn into a fabulous bright red wooden folding chair) and a rather old pearl necklace I picked up for a quarter.  

This was one of the children's books I thought was super cute.  With a highly applicable quote may I add:

And that's where I'm heading. 
 Good night all and happy thrifting. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Finds

Hello all and I hope you all are having a wonderful autumn.  It's my favorite season and thankfully it treated me well with the vintage finds.  Taaadaa!  First up, I found the Old Town Blue gravy boat, Bromwells, flour sifter, and little tin Jello thingys.  I found the Corning promotional mug from 1974 at Goodwill. The white apple is some type of sugar dish and also pictured is a woodland shaker. The little cook books all cost fifty cents each at an antique store.  At the same store, I found the General Electric clock (which works!) for $5.    The two Pyrex plates as well as fridgie lid all came from Goodwill for less than $1 each.  The pumpkin was an accidental find.  Although not vintage, I didn't purchase it nor did I intend to grow just kinda sprouted up from where I tossed my old pumpkin last year.  I was excited to find it :)
On to the utensils!  The three prong fork and spatula were a dollar each at the "Clock" store.  The pizza cutter came from Goodwill and my dad picked up the teal handled "Batter Beater" was something my dad picked up for me at a yard sale for ten cents!

Now on to the mystery box that I found sitting happily on the shelf at the "clock" store.  Whatever could it be?

I open it up, and to my delight, mint condition Pyrex.  The FIRST mint condition new in box Pyrex I have found to date.  

The was square flowers.  Not exactly my favorite.  But since boxed Pyrex is a rareness around here, even at the $25 price tag, I bit.  I don't regret it a bit.  

Furthermore, I also have made some progress on my Hoosier cabinet.  The flour bin is now firmly secured and both shelves in the top section are in.  Next up, I just have to secure the trim, put the back on, stain everything, and put the doors on then the top half is done.  The bottom half, well it's kinda just a hollow box still.  I've got to work on it some more.  

Well that's all for now folks, happy thrifting and hopefully everyone is having a fantastic autumn. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pyrex Teamwork

It was a rather exciting weekend in the thrifting world.  Although I worked Saturday, I sent my dad on a mission to the flea market with some monies and he came back with some awesome goodies!  He found the butterprint mixing bowl, casserole, and cinderella bowl for $3 or $4 each.  I was especially tickled with the casserole, this is the largest butterprint one I have so far.  He also scored big time on the yellow hostess dish with lid for only $4.  It's even in pretty awesome shape except the lid (one very minor chip and a few scratches on the top.  He also nabbed the white covered casserole. 

Apologies on this next photo, try as I might, I cannot get it to upload correctly.  Dad also found me the three Early American mixing bowls for $12 and the old orchard casserole.  Items which failed to be pictured below included an earlier Pyrex meat platter and pink flamingo dinner plate. In addition to the Around the USA in 1000 Pictures book (1955), there was also a poetry book (1926) and a copy of Thoreau (1961).  

Today I finally had a day off and was able to get some accidental shopping in.  See...I went to a car show...and came home with the two Daisy mixing bowls.  Kind of odd, right?  I certainly won't argue since I got them both for $8.  Also, at goodwill I found my first piece of English Pyrex (with lid!).  I was so tickled, I almost squealed...right in the middle of the store.  After stopping in at a few antique stores, I emerged with the see and store canister for fifty cents as well as the Shopping Reminder/Trading Stamp Saver wall hanger.  Although I paid more for this particular item than I normally would have liked, I had been thinking about it pretty consistently since my last visit to this store.  So for the sake of my sanity, I shelled out the cash. 

Well that would be all for now folks, hopefully more goodies to come shortly.  Maybe I'll tinker with that silly photo later and hopefully get it fully uploaded for y'all.