Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Rummage Sale to Get Me By

As of late I have been having some thrifting withdrawal as the flea markets in my area are officially done for the year.  The other day I was quite pleased to find some rummage sales going on this weekend and therefore got up quite early to check them out before heading into my shift at work.  Therefore, tonight I am a sleepy blogger.   I found some really awesome goodies though that I can't wait to share...and because it was all at rummage sale prices, the grand total for all was less than $20. 

Otay!  The back fabric is a set of pleated curtains that I have not made plans for yet, but I did really like.  In terms of kitchenware, I found the sifter, Revere Ware 8 inch skillet, four red napkins pictured in sifter, spaghetti fork, and Pyrex Bradford House platter (total of three platters purchased). 

In the skillet is an old ornament marked Made in West Germany.  The old school ice pack was a BIG find for me.  I know this seems quite odd, but I really wanted to find one.  I had even come close to purchasing one for $10 before but chickened out...then decided to go back and get it to find the price increased to $15 (Too high for me).  Since then I have really been hoping to find another one.  The best part about this one?  It was only fifty cents AND was new in box AND was a cute blue pattern.  Score :) 

All the books were only a quarter each.  Although most were children's books, they all range in years from 1903 to 1971.  One of the non-kiddie books was the Pennsylvania one, I absolutely love the illustrations in it. 


Another odd find was this Smurfs fabric.  It's quite large measuring 34x44 inches.  I have absolutely no clue what I'm going to do with it. is very cute...and it was only a quarter.  

Also purchased but not pictured was a fabulous bright yellow wooden folding chair for four dollars (which I plan to turn into a fabulous bright red wooden folding chair) and a rather old pearl necklace I picked up for a quarter.  

This was one of the children's books I thought was super cute.  With a highly applicable quote may I add:

And that's where I'm heading. 
 Good night all and happy thrifting. 

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