Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pyrex Teamwork

It was a rather exciting weekend in the thrifting world.  Although I worked Saturday, I sent my dad on a mission to the flea market with some monies and he came back with some awesome goodies!  He found the butterprint mixing bowl, casserole, and cinderella bowl for $3 or $4 each.  I was especially tickled with the casserole, this is the largest butterprint one I have so far.  He also scored big time on the yellow hostess dish with lid for only $4.  It's even in pretty awesome shape except the lid (one very minor chip and a few scratches on the top.  He also nabbed the white covered casserole. 

Apologies on this next photo, try as I might, I cannot get it to upload correctly.  Dad also found me the three Early American mixing bowls for $12 and the old orchard casserole.  Items which failed to be pictured below included an earlier Pyrex meat platter and pink flamingo dinner plate. In addition to the Around the USA in 1000 Pictures book (1955), there was also a poetry book (1926) and a copy of Thoreau (1961).  

Today I finally had a day off and was able to get some accidental shopping in.  See...I went to a car show...and came home with the two Daisy mixing bowls.  Kind of odd, right?  I certainly won't argue since I got them both for $8.  Also, at goodwill I found my first piece of English Pyrex (with lid!).  I was so tickled, I almost squealed...right in the middle of the store.  After stopping in at a few antique stores, I emerged with the see and store canister for fifty cents as well as the Shopping Reminder/Trading Stamp Saver wall hanger.  Although I paid more for this particular item than I normally would have liked, I had been thinking about it pretty consistently since my last visit to this store.  So for the sake of my sanity, I shelled out the cash. 

Well that would be all for now folks, hopefully more goodies to come shortly.  Maybe I'll tinker with that silly photo later and hopefully get it fully uploaded for y'all.  

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