Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time to Share!

Hello all! Things have been quite busy in the thrifting/flea marketing/yard saleing department around here.  Which means I should have posted far more within the past couple months than I have.  Now I have a pretty massive backlog to catch y'all up on.  So perhaps I shall take this one post at a time.  And this is the first step. 
I picked up this large painting at Goodwill because I thought it was rather pretty.  I also really liked it because it was done by a local woman in the 1970's. 
Now it's time for the bulk of it!..for round one that is.
The boyfriend and I hit up some pretty fantastic yard sales a while back where I scored the cooler (for a dollar!), the paper product holder, and the partial Pyrex percolator.  The vintage egg crate was a Goodwill deal. 

The other wood crate was also from Goodwill in addition to the spatula and the one dish rack (with original tag!).  The other dish rack, blue mason jar, carafe, and Nesbitt's soda bottle came from various yard sales.   

It amazes me that the tag remained on for that long!
For the Pyrex goodies, I found the badly dishwasher damaged pink scroll space saver which also happened to be covered in wax at a yard sale.  But it was a dollar...and I felt bad for it... so I brought it home.  The barbed wire divided dish came from goodwill. 
Dad also picked me up the Dandelion Duet Divided Dish with cradle, unused candles, and box for an absolute steal at the flea market!
I also found a ton of miscellaneous books, pamphlets, maps, etc at the yard sales.  I was excited to talk with an older fella selling some of it.  He was so thrilled with the history of it and explaining to me what it was and how he had acquired it.  You could tell he appreciated that someone younger was so interested in his old "junk". 
Last but not least, we have a vintage Candy Land game that is complete (although without box). 
Well that is all for now folks, hopefully I can get some more catch up posts out there... I certainly have a lot to share! It amazes me what all I have found in the past couple months.  Happy thrifting everyone!