Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Goodwills and a Salvation Army Later...

Well today was thankfully a day off from both of my jobs.  What better way to spend it then by thrifting my lil heart out?  I suppose I could have folded laundry like a good girl...but the prospect of finding Pyrex was far more tempting.  As the title of this post suggests, I was able to hit 4 stores...and I scored!

Dream come true, I found 3 lime Pyrex 080 individual casseroles at Goodwill.  I scooped them up so quick I didn't even think about the fact i already had a large quantity of Pyrex in my hands...luckily my dad had went to grab a cart and came to my rescue, Da-Da-Dah!  I also found 2 spring blossom shakers (each at different stores) and my dad found an old towne blue shaker.  He also found the 1 cup mini coffee pot.  Next up are the two Pyrex divided casserole dishes I found, one a promotional Constellation and the other in Butterfly Gold. 

And yet there is more.  I found a red band Corning restaurant ware cup as well as a wood pattern Pyrex See-n-Store.  I'm hoping to paint the see and store though, I just can't bring myself to be a fan of the faux wood look.  Also, I found 2 Fire King(?) jadeite saucers and an older jar lifter with green wood handles.  The two homeless lids will hopefully find a casserole to match up with one day, especially that space saver one.  My-oh-my how I wish the casserole was found under this lid.  Last for this photo is a souvenir plate from the Corning Headquarters in NY. 

Finally, I also picked up this double drawer filing cabinet/card catalog thingy for $4 at Goodwill.  I liked it because it's actually in decent shape and the drawers still pull easily.  I will have to find a place for it.  

That's all for now folks!  Hopefully more coming soon. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Accumulated Finds

Well, it tis time to play catch up!  Lately I've done quite a few small thrifting spurts that I have neglected to blog since I've been pretty occupied with work.  Needless to say, I've found some pretty cool stuff. 

First off we have a Revere Ware Skillet (with lid) from Goodwill.  I also found two more of the Corning Holly Days cups.  Every time I find these I can't help but picture them filled with hot cocoa.  In terms of Pyrex there is a four cup measuring cup as well as some Flamingo dinnerware (1 luncheon, 1 bread, 4 saucers, and 1 berry bowl).  Finally, I was absolutely thrilled to find this older metal dust pan with strawberries.  It's adorable in my opinion and I've been searching for one for a while. 

Nexxxtttt! We have a Pyrex juice jug with lemons I found at Goodwill for $2 as well as a glass with the butterfly gold pattern on it.  I picked up the Butterfly Gold 2 casserole at the flea market for $5, although it's not a favorite pattern, it is in fantastic condition.  Last pictured is some random Pyrex dinnerware.  

There is even more!  I was actually surprised with how much I had accumulated.  I found two more of the jar type thingys I'm trying to pick up and a piece of Pyrex flameware.  I was absolutely tickled to find these older Pyrex beakers at Goodwill for 79 cents each anddd half off.  Score!  I picked up the six Christmas tree molds for a dollar as well as some random lids (that I may or may not have something to fit).  Last, I found more dinnerware with a lime luncheon plate, grey saucer and leaves small plate.  

This next thing is another of the ones I was really tickled to bring home.  I picked up this K&M popcorn popper at the flea market for 5 dollars.  I think it's absolutely adorable - kinda space ship like huh?  The best part was that it even had the instruction booklet and measuring cup...and further more, it had the little cardboard ring still on it's fabric wrapped cord.  

Last but not least are some of the cook books I've picked up.  I was most excited about the cookbook/instruction book for the Sunbeam Mixmaster since it was the exact one which would have came with the one I found here:
The other booklet I was most intrigued by was the 2000 Useful Facts About Food  published in 1941. 

Well that's all for now folks, hopefully I'll have more goodies to share soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Brilliant Butterprint!

My dad did it again.  Last weekend while I was hard at work, he headed off towards one of the larger flea markets in my area...and he found the good stuff. 

Also sneaking into these photos were the goodies he had picked up the previous weekend.  First up is a Pyrex Daisy casserole he found in awesome condition for only four dollars!  This happened to be my first piece of Daisy so I was thrilled.  He also found the divided casserole with orange flowers (that I have fallen in love with) for only two dollars.  The blue primary fridgie was an absolute steal for only a dollar as was the earlier dry measuring cup for only two dollars!  I never thought I would find one of these measuring cups so I was incredibly excited.  The Snowflake blue butter dish was a little more expensive at six dollars, but because of the high quantity of camps in my area, they are harder to come by. 

An alternative view of the goods.

Finally up is perhaps my favorite of the things he brought home.  This Pyrex platter. It is 12.5 inches in diameter and from my research is a customized restaurant ware pattern.  I was only able to find one other online.  I'm tickled to have it because I think it will go wonderfully with Amish Blue Butterprint.  

Next up we have two of the clear mixing bowls with double spouts which I have never seen before.  Also there are a few small cook books my favorite flea market vendor sent home for me free of charge.  Last, is a sandwich maker thing-a-ma-bob. 

And back to the Pyrex!  Yes, I now have another Amish Blue Butterprint Cinderella Mixing bowl set.  It was in such good condition and an excellent price I am glad he didn't pass it up.  Also, he found a 444 for, well, $4 (also in good condition).  

That's all for now folks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Steps on the Hoosier

One of my biggest challenges on this cabinet thus far is the decisions.  None that I have made have been clean cut or obvious - which perhaps is why progress is slow going.

Getting it stripped down to it's bones was quite simple so far.  Generally everything except the frame of it needed replaced due to water damage.  Right now I'm focusing on the top section.  

Finally a certain amount of reassembly has taken place.  All the side panels on the top damaged by water have been replaced by quarter inch birch panels.  (Note my cute pink tool kit)

I was unsure of whether the birch would work well since the cabinet is actually supposed to be oak...however I was unable to find any solid oak panels that were only a quarter inch thick.  I think once I get it all sanded and stained the difference in wood will be less obvious and only give it character.  

After making that decision and getting it all sorted out, I moved my sights on to the flour bin.  Since it was in rather rough shape, I wanted to be sure it could be saved before building in the shelving and such on top to accommodate it.  First I tried to remove the rust as best I could...and made little progress.  So leaving it unpainted was therefore ruled out.  I originally considered painting it a chrome to keep it in spirits with it original look.  

But as you can see, it ended up antique white.  I didn't feel that the chrome would look real enough to truly act as a statement piece in the cabinet.  

I also repainted the knob part of the handle.  

Well that's all for now folks.  Next up is getting the shelving in the upper section put in and then I can move on to either sanding or working on the bottom section.