Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Brilliant Butterprint!

My dad did it again.  Last weekend while I was hard at work, he headed off towards one of the larger flea markets in my area...and he found the good stuff. 

Also sneaking into these photos were the goodies he had picked up the previous weekend.  First up is a Pyrex Daisy casserole he found in awesome condition for only four dollars!  This happened to be my first piece of Daisy so I was thrilled.  He also found the divided casserole with orange flowers (that I have fallen in love with) for only two dollars.  The blue primary fridgie was an absolute steal for only a dollar as was the earlier dry measuring cup for only two dollars!  I never thought I would find one of these measuring cups so I was incredibly excited.  The Snowflake blue butter dish was a little more expensive at six dollars, but because of the high quantity of camps in my area, they are harder to come by. 

An alternative view of the goods.

Finally up is perhaps my favorite of the things he brought home.  This Pyrex platter. It is 12.5 inches in diameter and from my research is a customized restaurant ware pattern.  I was only able to find one other online.  I'm tickled to have it because I think it will go wonderfully with Amish Blue Butterprint.  

Next up we have two of the clear mixing bowls with double spouts which I have never seen before.  Also there are a few small cook books my favorite flea market vendor sent home for me free of charge.  Last, is a sandwich maker thing-a-ma-bob. 

And back to the Pyrex!  Yes, I now have another Amish Blue Butterprint Cinderella Mixing bowl set.  It was in such good condition and an excellent price I am glad he didn't pass it up.  Also, he found a 444 for, well, $4 (also in good condition).  

That's all for now folks!

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  1. You and your dad have found great pieces! My mom and sister have been helping me out lately too. I have the hardest time finding Butterprint! It seems like everyone has two sets! I can't even come up with my first. Soooo frustrating!
    I'm following you now :)


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