Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Accumulated Finds

Well, it tis time to play catch up!  Lately I've done quite a few small thrifting spurts that I have neglected to blog since I've been pretty occupied with work.  Needless to say, I've found some pretty cool stuff. 

First off we have a Revere Ware Skillet (with lid) from Goodwill.  I also found two more of the Corning Holly Days cups.  Every time I find these I can't help but picture them filled with hot cocoa.  In terms of Pyrex there is a four cup measuring cup as well as some Flamingo dinnerware (1 luncheon, 1 bread, 4 saucers, and 1 berry bowl).  Finally, I was absolutely thrilled to find this older metal dust pan with strawberries.  It's adorable in my opinion and I've been searching for one for a while. 

Nexxxtttt! We have a Pyrex juice jug with lemons I found at Goodwill for $2 as well as a glass with the butterfly gold pattern on it.  I picked up the Butterfly Gold 2 casserole at the flea market for $5, although it's not a favorite pattern, it is in fantastic condition.  Last pictured is some random Pyrex dinnerware.  

There is even more!  I was actually surprised with how much I had accumulated.  I found two more of the jar type thingys I'm trying to pick up and a piece of Pyrex flameware.  I was absolutely tickled to find these older Pyrex beakers at Goodwill for 79 cents each anddd half off.  Score!  I picked up the six Christmas tree molds for a dollar as well as some random lids (that I may or may not have something to fit).  Last, I found more dinnerware with a lime luncheon plate, grey saucer and leaves small plate.  

This next thing is another of the ones I was really tickled to bring home.  I picked up this K&M popcorn popper at the flea market for 5 dollars.  I think it's absolutely adorable - kinda space ship like huh?  The best part was that it even had the instruction booklet and measuring cup...and further more, it had the little cardboard ring still on it's fabric wrapped cord.  

Last but not least are some of the cook books I've picked up.  I was most excited about the cookbook/instruction book for the Sunbeam Mixmaster since it was the exact one which would have came with the one I found here: http://yesterway.blogspot.com/2012/05/haunting-of-strawberry-towel.html
The other booklet I was most intrigued by was the 2000 Useful Facts About Food  published in 1941. 

Well that's all for now folks, hopefully I'll have more goodies to share soon!


  1. Whoa. You have been doing really good! I love the flamingo pink plates. Did you really find those at Goodwill? Lucky you! But my favorite things you found out of everything would definitely have to be the holly mugs. I have wanted those forever and in all of my thrifting adventures have never even found one. Good for you!


    1. Yep, I've had pretty good luck finding dinnerware at Goodwill...except the blue which is what I'm really aiming for hehehe. That's how it usually works though :)


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