Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Power of Spray Paint and Pyrex

Hallelujah!  It's finally my day off!  Therefore, this morning as I woke, I was faced with a difficult choice: be productive or laze around...  I'm sure you can guess what my decision was based upon the fact that I am now blogging as opposed to doing laundry.  It's okay though, I did get some stuff done and I'm sure the laundry will be taken care of later as I am currently out of work jeans and have no alternative choice. 

But in the mean time, bring on the new finds!  This past weekend I was able to hit up my favorite flea market and found some awesome new goodies!

I got the cute tablecloth (42x44) for only two bucks because of some minor moth holes.  The Corning mug with horizontal military green stripes was only a dollar.  I'm wondering if this was in fact part of the military line of Corning.  The red vertical striped mug was a quarter and I thought it had some nice spunk.  I FINALLY found another of the Pyrex teardrop pour spout bowls.  I had found the largest in April and this is the next size down.  Only one more to go!  Last, is the lil pot holder for another quarter that is from a bread company and a simple milk bottle I got for fifty cents.  

I also found two older style Pyrex pie plates (with the dollar sign mark).  And TaDa!  I also FINALLY found the Pyrex double broiler.  I believe this is the last type of Pyrex Flameware that I needed so I was quite excited.  

Even more Pyrex?  Why yes indeed!  I picked up this set of Woodland cinderella bowls for a mere $15.  All of them are in quite good condition except the smaller dark brown one.  It shows some wear around the pour spouts.  For me this only shows that they were used not abused.  

I saw this cute little stool outside the local antique mall for less than $15.  It was in kind of rough shape and needed a little love which is exactly what it received via a can of spray paint.   

So what do you think? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday and Thrifting to Me!

Thank goodness I'm back for some new blog posts - as dramatic as it may sound, I was coming close to withdrawal.  Work has once again been keeping me quite busy but I have managed some good thrifting and the like.  So here is just the beginning of it...dun dun dun!

In my absence I've had my birthday!  Woohoo! And what does a girl like me get for her birthday?  Vintage goodies of course!...okay, and some clothes too.

As my parents are divorced, I'll start with the stuff I received from my mum first.

Pretty neato huh?  Thank you mum!  Anywho, pictured is a small blue Pyrex primary mixing bowl.  This was part of an older set as it as the simpler makers mark on the bottom and the thicker glass.  Below that is another of the neat little single serving clear casseroles/refrigerator dishes.  On the bottom is a Verde divided casserole.  Finally, there are two matching custard cups, flameware handle, and adorable (although new) Hershey's recipe box with cards. 

Next up are the things I received from my dad (who continuously surprises me with his Pyrex spotting).

I don't know how he did it, but once again he found a Pyrex casserole with the serving caddy.  I initially believed this dish was from the 1970's but after looking at the stamp, I'm actually now leaning towards the 1950's or 60's perhaps.  The funny thing about this casserole, is that I can find no information on this casserole anywhere.  In fact, I could only find it pictured in a single listing on EBay...aside from that, nada.  If you have any further information on this casserole, please let me know.  Also, he found the cute little aluminum scoop and my step-mother found the dry measuring cup set as well as two sets of measuring spoons. 

Now on to some recent thrifting finds.  

I found some dish washed casserole dishes (2 butterfly gold, 1 spring blossom) that I had so much sympathy for that I brought home.  Yeah, I may have a Pyrex problem.  Also, I found a 6-cup Pyrex percolator (sans inside stuff), 2 lids, a marking less measuring cup, as well as three spout measuring that I'm unsure who made, mixing bowl for my Sunbeam Mixmaster, and a butchers knife.  Finally, I found 2 Corning Holly Days mugs which scream hot cocoa on Christmas Eve to me.  

I also continued my dinnerware luck finding a pink dinner plate and saucer, as well as a grey luncheon plate.  Also, I found another lime casserole dish, clear Colonial Mist mixing bowl, and Woodland salt or pepper shaker.  Last was a apothecary style jar that matched another I had previously found.  I intend to use these in the bathroom for storage...much cuter than original packaging Q-tips come in. 

Well that tis all for now, but hopefully another post will be coming soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Primarily Primary

On top of all the awesome finds I had myself this past week, my dad also (once again) chipped in some goodies for me.  Saturday while I had to go to work (Boo), he went to the local flea market and got some seriously awesome deals (Yay).

TAAADAAA!  He is seriously getting good at this Pyrex stuff.  He found the yellow, blue, and one red fridgie all for only $15!  My word, he is lucky.  I matched all those up with the red fridgie I found Friday and completed my second primary refrigerator dish set.  The best part about it?  Neither set cost more than $20 total.

On top of that, he also found this lone yellow fridgie for only $5.  You know what that means don't you?  Time to start working on completing a third set.  Luckily I already have a few extra blue, so all I need to find is two lil red ones.  Also, he found an older style 2-cup measuring cup with "D" handle and Pyrex written in dark red under the spout.  The two little books are to add to my cookbook collection.  I absolutely love the Home Canning one, it has some darling illustrations in it.  

Finally I'm caught up on my blogging.  So now it is time for a question.  Does anyone else find it hard to stop accumulating sets?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can You Say 200 Vendors?

Yesterday I took advantage of my day off. And by "take advantage" I mean travel two hours to a large flea market and tractor show with my family...where there was Pyrex...and chairs.

You can connect the dots as to what I came home with.

The Chairs:

Aren't they adorable? I've been hoping and searching for the soda fountain style chairs in good condition for a while now. Now I finally have them, and for only $8 a chair. Yay!
I also found some miscellaneous items. In the back is a french fry cutter with red wood handle and an egg beater. The measuring cup is an early Pyrex two cup one. The chopper isn't exactly my norm, but I really liked the color and it was only fifty cents...so I dug out some quarters. 

The Pyrex parade begins! You had to have seen this coming. I got the two small and one medium Amish Blue Butterprint refrigerator dishes to finish out my set. I also picked up the small red one because it was in awesome condition and a good price. Who could say no to a red fridgie? I found the large highly gunky lid at Goodwill for 79 cents on the way home. 

WooHoo! Pyrex promotionals! Both of these were a little more pricey than what I normally prefer, but it was the first time I have ever seen either of these patterns. The Blue Bird casserole on top I learned was from the late 50's and early 60's. As for the other one? Well I haven't found much information on it at all. Any additional information on these casseroles would be appreciated.

Then we have the random Pyrex items. I found the Spring Blossom bowl at the flea market for only $3. The flameware frying pan (sans handle) and old towne blue onion gravy boat (sans plate) both came from Goodwills we stopped at on the way home. 

Almost done, I promise. Also at the Goodwills on the way home, I found all this Pyrex dinnerware. There is 1 lime dinner plate, 4 grey luncheon plates, one newer random green pattern saucer, and one flamingo saucer. The cruelty of it is that I am actually hoping to get a full set of the turquoise blue color...the one color I didn't find. Hmmm....

Well that's all for now folks, I'll pick up this thrifting tale again tomorrow with the AMAZING goodies my dad found me. He's getting good with Pyrex my friends, very good.

I Think I Have a Chair Thing...

My my my! It was a fantastic week for me thrifting! Somehow, I lucked out with my work schedules and ended up with quite a bit of time off this week (Do not fret, I'll be back to the 50 hour per week schedule soon hahaha). Therefore, I have quite a few goodies to share with you. This is going to be the first of 3 or four posts from this past week.
3...2...1...Here we go!

This was all I found at first.  For me, this is a pretty good day.  Lately I've been on a massive chair kick, I don't know why...so when I saw this one for $5, I went for it.  I think it has a pretty neato back.  Maybe I'm collecting them too now.  I found the Pyrex juice carafe for $2 at a yard sale and the Pyrex lime cake pan at Goodwill for $3...a little pricey by GW standards in my opinion but it was in perfect condition. Also, the wood dish rack isn't old, but came from Salvation Army and I like it.  (Sorry the photo would not load correctly)  

Then the next day, I found all this.  The four small berry bowls are the Pyrex Regency Green band.  They are dishwashed bad and honestly look horrid...but they were only a quarter a piece...and I felt bad for them.  They deserved a loving home.  I also grabbed the Corelle woodland dinner plate and old towne blue serving platter and two serving bowls.  And yes, somehow I do also have these two dinnerware sets as well.  Please don't judge me.

On top of all that, my dad also found some goodies for me.  He got the butterfly gold casserole and lime rectangle baker at the flea market.  The round lime casserole was found at Goodwill.  And the lime cake pan, it's the same one from earlier this post, it just wanted to be in the photo too with the rest of it's lime family. 

More to come shortly!