Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Power of Spray Paint and Pyrex

Hallelujah!  It's finally my day off!  Therefore, this morning as I woke, I was faced with a difficult choice: be productive or laze around...  I'm sure you can guess what my decision was based upon the fact that I am now blogging as opposed to doing laundry.  It's okay though, I did get some stuff done and I'm sure the laundry will be taken care of later as I am currently out of work jeans and have no alternative choice. 

But in the mean time, bring on the new finds!  This past weekend I was able to hit up my favorite flea market and found some awesome new goodies!

I got the cute tablecloth (42x44) for only two bucks because of some minor moth holes.  The Corning mug with horizontal military green stripes was only a dollar.  I'm wondering if this was in fact part of the military line of Corning.  The red vertical striped mug was a quarter and I thought it had some nice spunk.  I FINALLY found another of the Pyrex teardrop pour spout bowls.  I had found the largest in April and this is the next size down.  Only one more to go!  Last, is the lil pot holder for another quarter that is from a bread company and a simple milk bottle I got for fifty cents.  

I also found two older style Pyrex pie plates (with the dollar sign mark).  And TaDa!  I also FINALLY found the Pyrex double broiler.  I believe this is the last type of Pyrex Flameware that I needed so I was quite excited.  

Even more Pyrex?  Why yes indeed!  I picked up this set of Woodland cinderella bowls for a mere $15.  All of them are in quite good condition except the smaller dark brown one.  It shows some wear around the pour spouts.  For me this only shows that they were used not abused.  

I saw this cute little stool outside the local antique mall for less than $15.  It was in kind of rough shape and needed a little love which is exactly what it received via a can of spray paint.   

So what do you think? 


  1. Great price on the Woodland set, I think,iit's a very nice pattern! I was on a spray painting frenzy a couple of weeks ago, it can sure spruce things up!!

  2. I think fantastic! I also like Woodland pattern- the dark brown is so rich and deep. Good finds!

  3. I just found a yellow vertical striped mug like yours!

    What a pretty set of pyrex to!


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