Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can You Say 200 Vendors?

Yesterday I took advantage of my day off. And by "take advantage" I mean travel two hours to a large flea market and tractor show with my family...where there was Pyrex...and chairs.

You can connect the dots as to what I came home with.

The Chairs:

Aren't they adorable? I've been hoping and searching for the soda fountain style chairs in good condition for a while now. Now I finally have them, and for only $8 a chair. Yay!
I also found some miscellaneous items. In the back is a french fry cutter with red wood handle and an egg beater. The measuring cup is an early Pyrex two cup one. The chopper isn't exactly my norm, but I really liked the color and it was only fifty I dug out some quarters. 

The Pyrex parade begins! You had to have seen this coming. I got the two small and one medium Amish Blue Butterprint refrigerator dishes to finish out my set. I also picked up the small red one because it was in awesome condition and a good price. Who could say no to a red fridgie? I found the large highly gunky lid at Goodwill for 79 cents on the way home. 

WooHoo! Pyrex promotionals! Both of these were a little more pricey than what I normally prefer, but it was the first time I have ever seen either of these patterns. The Blue Bird casserole on top I learned was from the late 50's and early 60's. As for the other one? Well I haven't found much information on it at all. Any additional information on these casseroles would be appreciated.

Then we have the random Pyrex items. I found the Spring Blossom bowl at the flea market for only $3. The flameware frying pan (sans handle) and old towne blue onion gravy boat (sans plate) both came from Goodwills we stopped at on the way home. 

Almost done, I promise. Also at the Goodwills on the way home, I found all this Pyrex dinnerware. There is 1 lime dinner plate, 4 grey luncheon plates, one newer random green pattern saucer, and one flamingo saucer. The cruelty of it is that I am actually hoping to get a full set of the turquoise blue color...the one color I didn't find. Hmmm....

Well that's all for now folks, I'll pick up this thrifting tale again tomorrow with the AMAZING goodies my dad found me. He's getting good with Pyrex my friends, very good.


  1. That must have been so much fun and to come home with all that great Pyrex - a perfect day!!!

  2. Oh, I live those kinds of antique fairs! I'm drooling over the bluebirds and the lace medallion, both of which are on my list. You had a great day :)


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