Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Think I Have a Chair Thing...

My my my! It was a fantastic week for me thrifting! Somehow, I lucked out with my work schedules and ended up with quite a bit of time off this week (Do not fret, I'll be back to the 50 hour per week schedule soon hahaha). Therefore, I have quite a few goodies to share with you. This is going to be the first of 3 or four posts from this past week.
3...2...1...Here we go!

This was all I found at first.  For me, this is a pretty good day.  Lately I've been on a massive chair kick, I don't know when I saw this one for $5, I went for it.  I think it has a pretty neato back.  Maybe I'm collecting them too now.  I found the Pyrex juice carafe for $2 at a yard sale and the Pyrex lime cake pan at Goodwill for $3...a little pricey by GW standards in my opinion but it was in perfect condition. Also, the wood dish rack isn't old, but came from Salvation Army and I like it.  (Sorry the photo would not load correctly)  

Then the next day, I found all this.  The four small berry bowls are the Pyrex Regency Green band.  They are dishwashed bad and honestly look horrid...but they were only a quarter a piece...and I felt bad for them.  They deserved a loving home.  I also grabbed the Corelle woodland dinner plate and old towne blue serving platter and two serving bowls.  And yes, somehow I do also have these two dinnerware sets as well.  Please don't judge me.

On top of all that, my dad also found some goodies for me.  He got the butterfly gold casserole and lime rectangle baker at the flea market.  The round lime casserole was found at Goodwill.  And the lime cake pan, it's the same one from earlier this post, it just wanted to be in the photo too with the rest of it's lime family. 

More to come shortly!

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