Sunday, June 3, 2012

Primarily Primary

On top of all the awesome finds I had myself this past week, my dad also (once again) chipped in some goodies for me.  Saturday while I had to go to work (Boo), he went to the local flea market and got some seriously awesome deals (Yay).

TAAADAAA!  He is seriously getting good at this Pyrex stuff.  He found the yellow, blue, and one red fridgie all for only $15!  My word, he is lucky.  I matched all those up with the red fridgie I found Friday and completed my second primary refrigerator dish set.  The best part about it?  Neither set cost more than $20 total.

On top of that, he also found this lone yellow fridgie for only $5.  You know what that means don't you?  Time to start working on completing a third set.  Luckily I already have a few extra blue, so all I need to find is two lil red ones.  Also, he found an older style 2-cup measuring cup with "D" handle and Pyrex written in dark red under the spout.  The two little books are to add to my cookbook collection.  I absolutely love the Home Canning one, it has some darling illustrations in it.  

Finally I'm caught up on my blogging.  So now it is time for a question.  Does anyone else find it hard to stop accumulating sets?


  1. Hi Cally-
    Well, Your Dad sounds like a real sweetheart to be out hunting Pyrex down for you! Your blog is really cute! I loved looking at all your good finds. I can't believe the great prices on your pyrex! My last post was about my new pyrex addiction! I just found the full set of Primary Mixing bowls, but that's the only "set" that I have. You are doing great with sets!
    I'll be following you! Erica :)

  2. Love the old measuring cups. So practical!


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