Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One to Check Off the List

This past weekend was thrilling in the thrifting world.  I had multiple moments of procrastination which led to a quartet of stores and in addition to that got some assistance from my dad, mom, and step-mom.  Cue the Pyrex on the runway, all others on deck...

I was so tickled to find this much.  The four quart spring blossom Cinderella mixing bowl was a find courtesy of my step mother.  The funny looking glass thing in the lower left corner is actually a flameware lid (my apologies for only featuring thirty percent of it in the photo).  I believe it is for a two quart saucepan.  The white cup came from my mom with three others.  They're the back up if I'm unable to find the turquoise banded teacups for my growing dinnerware set.  The smaller glass bowl in the back right was also a gift from my mom.  It's a rather small (10 oz.) casserole or refrigerator dish I had never saw before.  Ironically later that day I found one at GW and picked it up as well. 

The remaining two pieces in the photo (also featured above) were definitely my favorites though.  I found the teardrop shaped Pyrex mixing bowl for less than $2 at GW.  It's got measurements on the one side up to 2 quarts and measurements up to 8 cups on the other. It was originally sold in 1961 as part of a three piece set with two smaller bowls.  The smallest is only one cup. The final, and perhaps best, of the Pyrex was fully due to my Dad.  A 1953 Heinz promotional in awesome condition!  This was one of the pieces on my wish list, I love the size and color of it.  I almost fainted when he said he found it for only $3...but quickly recovered and gave him multiple hugs while grinning from ear to ear.  

Last but not least, I found an older Revere Ware saucepan.  It is one of the smallest sizes.  Also found randomly were the two juice glasses.  Although they aren't anything spectacular by themselves (even with the cute graphics) I had actually found a juice pitcher before with the exact same design.  So now I have an accidental set.  I can't argue with that.  

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