Monday, April 23, 2012

Fifty-Seven Years

Even through the somewhat eccentric weather we're having in my neck of the woods, I was able to squeeze in some thrifting in addition to my baking endeavors this past weekend.  Although there was not much in terms of quantity, I still deem it a successful trip...of course to be honest, anytime Pyrex is involved it is a success in my book. 

"Hello there Butterfly Gold 443 :)  It's nice to meet you."  This is actually my first piece of butterfly gold aside from a butterdish.  Although it's not my favorite pattern, it was in really nice shape and was only $2.  Last night it even got it's first use for salad.

I also found this salad size Corning plate.  It was intriguing to me because it had crown logo.  At first I though it may have been from foreign lands, but after I got the sticker off I found that it said made in USA.  Has anyone else ever seen this logo combination?

I was also rather tickled to find this "Homemakers Day - 1955" glass.  Now if only I could find out any information about this event.  My curiousity is really amplified with this piece.  What exactly did Homemakers Day consist of?  Who was the woman who attended it?  Hmmm...does anyone else ever wonder about the history of their thrifted finds like this?

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