Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost Apron

Yesterday, at a rather late hour, I was struck with an idea.  I quickly gathered my supplies.  Baby blankie randomly bought at Goodwill for 29 cents?  Check.  White fabric remnant?  Check.  Scissors?  Check. 

Somehow...I intend to turn all this stuff into an apron.  I'm using my favorite Jessie Steele apron as a rough pattern to hopefully get something that looks similar.  The only thing bad about my JS one is that I love it so much I hate to get it ucky.  Hopefully this newly made one will be my more standard everyday apron.  So far I have it all cut and pinned together and it is looking good. Now I just need to get hand due to a lack of sewing machine.  Wish me luck that I can successfully do so without pricking my fingers multiple times. 

I'm just on pins and needles waiting to see how it turns out :)

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