Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Early American 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

I would have loved to have made this a themed post for it, but I ended up with such a hodge podge I'll just have to wing it and see how it turns out.  First up on my recent thrifting joys were a set of Pyrex Amish Blue Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowls.  My dad actually scored these at a flea market for only $15!  Wooohoooo! You go Pop!  I tell ya folks, he is getting good with this Pyrex stuff.  You may notice that the smallest bowl is missing...well lets say that this Pyrex tale is going to have a happen ending in my next post.  He also found all these Early American fridgies for around $12.  There are four small ones (3 lids) and a medium one with a lid.  These kind of go with the Independence Day thing right?  Since they are Colonial inspired and all...

Next up are some more mixing bowls!  He (being my dad) also found this set of Pyrex Sandalwood ones in near mint condition for $15.  And just as an fyi in case you're curious...this makes my 7th set.  I found the Pyrex Juice pitcher/jug at the flea market last weekend.  Although it seems a little worn from the dishwasher, it was only $2 so it was sold!  Also pictured are a pink Pyrex pie plate and cake pan as well as some more Pyrex flameware.  

Fridgies, fridgies everywhere.  Last time we were to the flea market, I had passed up these orange fridgies.  After 24 hours, both my father and I were having non-buyers remorse.  They are now my new friends.  My dad also found the older green handled can lifter and Revere Ware sauce pan. 

Now it's time for a question though.  Does anyone know what set/sets these fridgies originally came in?  Any assistance would be appreciated!

Well that's all for now folks!  This morning while out and about I got a few more goodies, so hopefully I'll get a post for them up soon as well. 

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