Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Steps on the Hoosier

One of my biggest challenges on this cabinet thus far is the decisions.  None that I have made have been clean cut or obvious - which perhaps is why progress is slow going.

Getting it stripped down to it's bones was quite simple so far.  Generally everything except the frame of it needed replaced due to water damage.  Right now I'm focusing on the top section.  

Finally a certain amount of reassembly has taken place.  All the side panels on the top damaged by water have been replaced by quarter inch birch panels.  (Note my cute pink tool kit)

I was unsure of whether the birch would work well since the cabinet is actually supposed to be oak...however I was unable to find any solid oak panels that were only a quarter inch thick.  I think once I get it all sanded and stained the difference in wood will be less obvious and only give it character.  

After making that decision and getting it all sorted out, I moved my sights on to the flour bin.  Since it was in rather rough shape, I wanted to be sure it could be saved before building in the shelving and such on top to accommodate it.  First I tried to remove the rust as best I could...and made little progress.  So leaving it unpainted was therefore ruled out.  I originally considered painting it a chrome to keep it in spirits with it original look.  

But as you can see, it ended up antique white.  I didn't feel that the chrome would look real enough to truly act as a statement piece in the cabinet.  

I also repainted the knob part of the handle.  

Well that's all for now folks.  Next up is getting the shelving in the upper section put in and then I can move on to either sanding or working on the bottom section.

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