Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Morning: Flea Market One

This weekend was a big one.  Now you may be thinking it was an important birthday or was some other life altering event...well it was actually just the first day of major flea marketing for the summer.  After all I found, however, the question of whether it was life altering is debatable. 

The morning started out wonderful.  Great breakfast.  Arrived at the flea market directly after it opened.  A half hour later, I exited flea market one with an overflowing box of goodies for the hope chest. 

It was like the Pyrex flameware jackpot.  I was finally able to find a two quart sauce pan after looking for one all winter.  Hallelujah!  Also a biggie on my flameware lust list were the blue with detachable handles.  Voila! One large and two small saucepans all with handles.  I added another teapot to my collection.  i think I have a "thing" for them.  They're just too adorable for me to pass up.  Finally, in the back is a Pyrex pitcher with lemon and lime slices on it.  I have also been looking for one of these for some time...simply because I really love juice.

The big question comes with the last item in the photo however.  It is a miniature Pyrex pie plate.  It is also pictured below with a teacup for size comparison (more on the cup in my next post).  If I am correct, it is from the Pyrexette set.  It has the old dollar sign mark on the bottom as well.  Does anyone second me on this idea?

Yes, there is more.  The wire "thing-a-ma-bob" is a basket I turned upside down for a photo prop I also purchased today.  Also pictured are a yellow wood handled can opener, a red wood handled egg beater (which works marvelously), and a three bar swinging towel rack.  Finally up top is a blue snowflake Pyrex divided casserole that I had purchased Friday night at one of my favorite antique stores. 

The secret: Only one Item above cost more than $5. 
For fun, can you guess which one it is?


  1. Thanks for the guess Marilyn! The answer was actually the Pyrex 2qt saucepan, it was my splurge for the day at $12. I had to grab it though because it was big on my wish list and in great condition. The beater was a pretty good buy at $4


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