Monday, May 7, 2012

The Afternoon: Flea Market Two

Right now, I'm sitting in my bed buried in textbooks and notes preparing for my college semester finals attempting to study.  Somehow, however, it appears that I've become distracted.  Never fear!  I just needed a break.  Reading all those numbers for so long has given me oogly eyes I'm afraid.  What better way to get a bit of a pick me up than blogging?  It is my zen.

Therefore I shall continue with my tales of flea marketing from Saturday.  After securing all my new goodies in my car, I set forth on the forty-five minute journey to the next flea market for the day.  It occurs only once a month, so by the time I arrived, it was getting rather packed.  I had to make haste before all the good stuff was gone!

Do not worry, I believe I did quite well.

At the second flea market I was able to find another Pyrex flameware teapot, this one slightly older with a darker blue tint.  It sometimes seems as if they look for me.  Luckily, I love them dearly and greatly enjoy tea.  Also found was the blue Pyrex snowflake casserole and Amish Blue Butterprint casserole (both without lids).  The yellow canister has daisies printed on the outside and is made by Corning.  The Pyrex Blue Autumn band tea cup was actually one of eleven I purchased.  I'm not positive what I will do with eleven of the lil buggers, but I got a far better deal buying them all as opposed to just a couple. 

I also picked up a medium blue primary fridgie sans lid for only a buck. The Fire King measuring cup and spare lid for a small fridgie were also only a dollar each.  The Pyrex salt and pepper shakers were a last minute find; I was quite tickled to find the pair as opposed to the single ones I find frequently.  Finally, I was able to find the two red fridgies I needed to complete my primary set.  Not only were these in the "decent" condition I would have settled for, but these are in practically mint condition.  

I tried to capture the pretty shine that they have in this photo.  I'm not postive but I do believe these may have been in the best condition I have ever seen.  

Finally, I rounded out my day purchasing all these lil cookbooks for around fifty cents a piece.  I was highly amused by a few of the titles including one Body Building Dishes for Children.  I was also surprised that they could make an entire book on cooking eggs.  


Sadly, I suppose I should return to studying at this point. Once again, however, only one of the items above cashed in above the $5 point.  Any guesses on which one it was? 


  1. What a great haul! I need to look up and see if any flea markets are happening around me this summer. Oh, and I'm guessing the butterprint was above $5!

  2. You found a lot of great pieces - lucky you?? Was the Snowflake $5?

  3. Thanks for the guesses! Actually the only item that was above $5 was the teapot which I paid $6 for. The butterprint casserole was a complete steal at only $1 and the snowflake was exactly $5.


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- Cal :)