Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time For a Break

Lately have have been working my booty off.  Theoretically this should lead to a shortage of finds for me, but alas, I have found a way around this.  My dad is amazing and keeps an eye out for goodies for me.  For instance, he found almost everything in this photo for me. 

See.  Doesn't he do fantastic?  The coolest part is that nothing cost over $3.  I've definitely got him trained to Pyrex well.  

Including this piece of Pink Amish Butterprint!  For those of my readers not addicted to Pyrex, this is quite a rare pattern that I never anticipated even seeing in real life.  So when he bought it, not even knowing what it was, he got a biggggg hug!  The gold heart promotional pattern is also my first piece with a cradle, so I was further tickled by seeing he picked that up.  Although I love the little blue primary mixing just kinda pales in comparison to the others hahaha

He didn't stop there.  He also picked up the two Amish Blue Butterprint casseroles and small cinderella mixing bowl.  And 2 lids for 080 individual casseroles.  And flameware pot with handle in excellent condition.  

Now I get to take some credit.  I found all of these Pyrex fridgies, one medium and four small all for $3, an excellent deal. I also purchased the wood suitcase type box thing-a-ma-jig. Does anyone else get assistance with their thrifting etc? 


  1. Great finds! My dad is always on the look out for me, too - he's gotten some sweet pieces for me! High five for great dads!

  2. What a good Dad!! What a great surprise that must have been for you....


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