Monday, January 21, 2013

Untold Tales #2: Home Fun

Even prior to the start of this blog, I was an antique store going, thrift store searching, flea market frequenting, yard sale loving girlie.  Which means I have tons of goodies sitting around which you have never saw.  Hence, I bring you the second Untold Tale - to highlight some of my best pre-blog finds. 
Home Fun by Cecil H Bullivant is a rather unique book, at least I've never saw anything quite like it.  Published in 1910, it is basically a big old book of things to do - which comes in handy on those stormy no-electric days. 
To give an example, here are just a small portion of the things listed in the contents:
Amateur Theatricals
Musical Glasses
Ventriloquism in a Month
Concerning Ghosts
Safe Scientific Experiments
The Home Circus
Indoor Fireworks
Elementary Hypnotism
The Powers and Mysteries of Clairvoyance
Telling Fortunes
Parlor Games
Some of those surprised me to find in an older book when I initially purchased it.  As a note: "Vamping Simplified" was also originally featured in the table of contents - however the prior owners tore that one out. 

It is indeed "Profusely Illustrated" as the cover claims.  
Well that's all for now folks!  Linking up over at Young Heart then I'm off to read up on Charades.  


  1. The book is amazing, seriously! :)
    I wanted to invite you to join in my thrifted link up.


    1. Thanks Wendy! I'll have to head on over and check it out!


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