Friday, January 25, 2013

The Top: Movies (1930's - 1960's)

First of all, you must know that my dad is a complete movie buff.  I sometimes can't even believe how many he has seen over the years.  Therefore, even as a little tyke, he was introducing me to older movies that most of my generation never had the pleasure of viewing.  Therefore, I would like to introduce my favorites that span from the 1930's to the 1960's.  Hopefully 70's and 80's will be covered in a different post. 

1. Houseboat (1958)
               This isn't the first time I've mentioned Houseboat within my blog and this is with good reason.  It's one of the movies I've loved since I was a little, partially because the concept of re-doing an old houseboat intrigued me.  Since then, I've gained a broader appreciation of it as a vintage film.  I absolutely love Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in it and every time I watch it I am consistently riveted by the wardrobe and props. 

2.  The Parent Trap (1961)
                 Also another childhood favorite, The Parent Trap was re-watched with great frequency in my house. It was the perfect movie for a mischievous child.  It had me on a huge summer camp kick for quite some time.  Sadly, I grew up a little too late to catch the summer camp boom.  I'm not sure if I have ever fully recovered from that disappointment. 

3.  Gone with the Wind (1939)
                 A more recent addition to my list, I am completely awestruck by this movie every time I watch it...even though it's ridiculously long.  Sometimes when you watch a movie, you can tell that it's great but you can't exactly pinpoint the reasons.  That is the case with Gone with the Wind.

4.  Babes in Toyland (1961)
                  We're back to the childhood favorites with this one!  Every Christmas (and sometimes at random points in the year) I would dig out this movie recorded on a VHS tape.  I can still remember some of the commercials from it, including my favorite McDonald's one in which Ronald helps a pup get home to his kid owner.  I love the fact that this one incorporates the musical numbers in amongst the story - which I vividly remember dancing to...a couple weeks ago.

5.  Man's Favorite Sport (1963)
                  Another new one on my list, my dad had me search for this one to order online which he remembers from younger days.  I'm glad he remembered it though, because it is quite funny and yet another of the movies which I can't help but admire all the vintage goodies in.

6.  Follow that Dream (1961)
                   You knew there had to be a classic Elvis film in here somewhere right?  I think this movie has so many amusing parts, I just can't help but giggle.  It's the type that really pulls you in and keeps you hoping for the inevitable happy ending
7.  White Christmas (1954)
                    The Christmas classic of all Christmas classics in my opinion, watching White Christmas is an annual tradition in my family.  Even my dad admits that he can't help but feel better after watching it, it really instills the Christmas spirit. 

8.  Psycho (1960)
                     I found this movie while channel surfing one day and was intrigued by it.  Although not a horror movie buff, I had never seen any of the oldies in this genre so I figured it would be worth a shot.  After all, it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock right?  Good move.  It actually kinda weirded me out for awhile, but it was good. 

9.  The Wizard of Oz (1939)
                     I bet you saw this one coming right?  I mean, it is The Wizard of Oz.  "Follow the yellow brick road.  Follow the yellow brick road.  Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!" 

10. Beach Party (1963)
                   I have to admit, I'm a big fan of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello.  In fact, right now the entire Beach Party collection is in my Amazon Wish List.  So therefore, no list of this era would be complete without them. 

Well that's all for now folks.  So what are some of your favorite classic films?  Any you would recomend? 

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