Monday, January 7, 2013

McCall's - May 1958

As promised, here are some additional pictures from the vintage McCall's magazines I had picked up in my last post.  To begin with, I really love the cover of this May issue, the dress is absolutely adorable.  
This advertisement featured both Betty Crocker and Nestle's and made me quite hungry.  

This Strawberry Festival article created a similar response.  I must say, I love strawberries so I do not doubt I will be putting some of these recipes to use this summer. 

Another of my foodie loves is Philadelphia Cream this advertisement with recipe ideas is also on my to-try list.  

My apologies for some of these pics, I seem to be encountering problems with uploading photos from my computer into blogger, the browse button will not appear.  Therefore all photos must be uploaded from my phone where I am unable to edit them to go the correct direction. 

Please tilt head right for this amazing Pepsi advertisement.  When viewed from the correct direction, it is lovely.   

I was very excited about this particular issue because there was an article on summer cotton dresses.  For instance, I would love to find one of these yellow numbers. 
Also on the lust-list from the article is this blue and green floral one, the detail on the waist is amazing. 

Finally was this polka dot flowy dress with red accessories.  Have I mentioned I have a deep passion for polka dots?

Speaking of summer, there was also this advertisement for Catalina swimwear. 

And last but not lease, a classic, Betsy McCall goes to the children's zoo. 
Well I do believe I have thoroughly increased my excitement for summer.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am itching for flea markets again, especially with my present thrifting drought. Alas, only snow outside my window.  Am I the only one already looking forward to the glorious sunshine?

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