Friday, July 5, 2013

How to... Recover A Chair Seat (The Late Night Version)

I have a confession.  I am a project addict; the type of person who always has to have something "in the works" to occupy my mind and focus on.  So the other approximately 11:30 PM..I got the urge to recover my desk chair seat...and I didn't find this to be odd. 
1) We start with the chair.
2) The chair gets flipped over and the seat is removed.  On this chair, this is done by removing screws in the corner brackets.  
 The seat cushion is free!  3) Remove the old fabric cover by prying up the staples.  Depending upon the condition of the cushion beneath the fabric, you must either decide to keep the existing foam/batting/etc or replace it with new.  In this case, the old will still suffice. 

The chair stands alone.  The chair stands alone.  Hi-ho-the-dairy-oh the chair stands alone.  Yes, it is late at night and I am getting quite tired.  
Now to break out the new fabric, caffeine, and staple gun.  This is where the focus is necessary 4) I usually start by stapling one corner in place, then moving to the opposite corner, then the other two corners.  Then I staple one side before moving to the opposite side...and so on and so forth.  Note: Be aware of where your screw holes are to put the cushion back on the chair while you are stapling.  Another note: Pull the fabric tight enough to avoid wrinkles and leave the seat smooth, but not too tight. 

5)  Any excess fabric can then be trimmed off... just don't trim too close to the staples. 

6) And the seat cushion can be screwed back on.  

The transformation is complete. 
I have a big ole thrifting post in the works that I will hopefully get up was a very nice week at the thrifts, flea markets, and antique stores for me.   
Hopefully everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

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