Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Well Rounded Haul and Some Special Presents!

Hello again everyone!  I had some pretty spectacular thrifting and flea marketing this past week.  Which means I have plenty of new goodies to share! I'm a little too excited to offer anymore of an introduction, so without further delay, we begin with the Pyrex!
The little casserole from the buffet twins, 2 Friendship mixing bowls, 4 quart Homestead casserole, small green striped mug, and 2 sets of Pyrex compatibles napkin rings all came from the local Goodwills.  Yeah, when I saw them, especially the friendship, I maybe squealed a bit and took off at warp speed to grab them.  The Americana 4 quart bowl was something my Dad picked up at a yard sale for a dollar.  The two Amish Blue Butterprint fridgies were part of my birthday gift from him (along with a jar of pickles).  
From the same yard sale as the Americana, my dad also got the entire box of vintage Christmas bulbs for a dollar. I picked up the Sunbeam Mixmaster, little metal percolator, Amish themed disposable souvenir coasters from Dutch Haven in Lancaster PA, red and silver platter, and autumn cake plate from thrift stores.  I love the cake plate!  The  knob on top is an acorn and there is a design around it featuring leaves and more acorns!

The Famous Artist Painting Series books from 1953 are absolutely intriguing to me! Also I found the 1929 dictionary and promotional tongs at the same store.  Finally, the welcome mat is new, but I think it is adorable and for a couple bucks at the thrift shop, I had to grab it. 
Close up of the promotional tongs from "Jim's Keystone Service"
Here are some interior photos of the art instruction books. 

And finally (although I am sorry for the less than fabulous photo), we have the golden acorn casserole that my boyfriend found for me.  I was so tickled when he turned up with this! Most twenty-some year old guys don't even care to figure out what "Vintage Pyrex" is...let alone keep their eye out for it! :) 
Also pictured is the small white hostess style Pyrex dish my dad found for me at the Flea Market.  Although I have seen some debate as to whether these are "real", in my opinion this can definitely not be a dishwashed red or yellow as some people suggest.  It is as shiny as can be and there is not a single speck anywhere on it.  It may have been that although Pyrex did not intentionally make a white Hostess set, some "left the factory" in their white state. 
Well that is all for now folks!  Wishing everyone happy thrifting and hoping you find some goodies to share as well!
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  1. Everything's great! So many good Pyrex pieces!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Erica :)

  2. The Pyrex is nice but I'm drawn to the tongs!!

  3. Amazing finds! I especially love the acorn topped cake holder. It will be perfect for Fall!

    You are super lucky to have people looking out for Pyrex for you. When my dad retires next year, I may just have to train him.

    Have a great week!


  4. Holy crap! Great finds! I love that picture with the ornaments spilling out onto the grass.


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