Monday, December 24, 2012

Digging in December

Hello all and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!  In amongst my Christmas shopping and wrapping and visiting and baking I have managed to do a bit of thrifting/junking.  First up are the thrifty finds. 

I have been checking the Christmas section of Goodwill a little more close lately hoping to find some new ornaments - preferably Shiny Brite ones.  I was able to find a box of them as well as a few other boxes of different brands that still had Shiny Brites in them, go figure.  While most were solid colored, I found a few of which were a little special: two striped and one indent.  Also, I found some new Jadeite goodies, one saucer and a creamer.  Ironically, I also on the same day found a red striped Pyrex sugar bowl - with lid!  Squeee!  Speaking of Pyrex, I also picked up the Town and Country divided casserole.  In case you've lost count as to how many divided casseroles I have...well so have I.  My mom also picked up the canister for me as well as the turquoise handled silverware. 

As for the junking side of things, currently my mom is in the middle of a move - and she had a lot of neato goodies amongst the true junk above the garage.  More neato goodies than is average since her house used to be a little grocery store.  Many thanks to my momma and brother for passing these on to me and helping to unearth them!  
To begin with: Cool old crates.  One is a dairy one with the town name on opposite side, the other was a meat crate.  

The meat crate even had some really legible writing on them.  It apparently held smoked hams in December 1953 - just in time for Christmas!

Although most of the branded signs had previously been removed, I did find this folk like hand painted sign.  This is especially interesting since after showing my dad he mentioned remembering when it used to hang out on the front sign post. 

Other random goodies unearthed included an old industrial style chair with adjustable height and back as well as metal bucket and wooden planter with an awesome painted patina.  

At this point, I was already excited.  But then...there was this.  Even though this is the same as the chair above, it is in much better shape and raised to stool height.  I think I'm in love with it.  So now the goal becomes to make chair above look like chair below.  I got this.  
Speaking of chairs.  My mom also gave me this one.  It's quite sturdy, children's height and had been slip covered at some point in time.  Now I just need to devise a plan with it too.  I see my project list for the summer is growing.  

So what do you think, would you have saved all the goodies I unearthed from the garage too?  Well that's all for now folks.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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