Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Jaunt across the state!

Hello again all!  Well as I mentioned in my past post, this past week was a rather large flea market about an hour away from home that I had went to last year.  So last Friday, my family, boyfriend, and I all loaded up into the truck and headed east!  It was a beautiful day with lots of awesome (although sometimes overpriced) goodies up for grabs.  I found several things though that fall into the "worth it" or "fantastic deal" category. And I even had someone special who didn't mind helping me carry stuffs. 
Hmmm...where to start with this pic...  Lets go from left to right.  My dad grabbed me the snowflake casserole for $3 while I found the bluebird for $5.  The Snowflake blue casserole in the cradle (although I don't believe it is original, any one have any input?) was only $5 while the daisy casserole (see pic below) was $8.50...but I didn't have many Daisy pieces.  The mug was my first find of the day for $1 and the pastry roller was my last for $4.  My dad also picked me up the Pyrex measuring cup.  The other items pictured were found outside the flea market.  The complete percolator ($3), crate ($3), and paper product dispenser ($2) were found a yard sales.  Last, the juice carafe was picked up at a goodwill on the way home for $1.99.  Also at this Goodwill was a truly sad #444...a pink one...I could not stop staring at it...completely dishwashed almost to the point of being white. 

Close up of the Daisy lid.  
I was so very excited to find this blue square baking dish...although a little pricey for my general budget at $12, I had never saw one before and it was blue.  Now the question is, does anyone have any information on this dish?  I can't seem to find any others online that look exactly like it.  
Different angle.
More Pyrex!  I found the small red mixing bowl, in awesome condition, for a whopping $2! My dad also picked me up the red large Cinderella mixing bowl for $10.  The Acorn divided casserole was another yard sale find for $5 and the turquoise salt and pepper shakers were $3 back at the flea market.  
Last, on the way home we stopped at a small antique store having a sale type thing outside where I grabbed all these nifty Halloween cut outs (right around 2 dozen of them) all for $1.  Does anyone know any approximate dates on these?  Oh, and my boyfriend also found a war lighter for $4 he was rather tickled with (unpictured).  
Well that's all for now folks! Hopefully you can help me out on a few of my questions.  Happy thrifting, yard saleing, and the like!  I hope summer is treating you wonderfully! 


  1. Those Halloween decorations are fantastic! I don't know anything about the blue dish. Maybe post a picture to one of the Collectives or on the Vintage Pyrex Love facebook page. Someone there can usually help.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Hey there.
    Great Finds! I love the blue dish! I have it in pink.
    If you look on PYREX LOVE under baking dishes, and then look at the 8" square Lime Baker, it says that it came in lots of colors, including blue!
    It mustt be harder to find though, so congrats!
    I think your Halloween Cut-outs are mostly from the 80's...maybe a couple 70's
    Love them! Thats my two cents. lol Erica :)


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