Thursday, April 18, 2013

Carried Away

The other day, taking full advantage of my Saturday off work, my dad and I took off towards a new antique mall we heard about.  It was like antique heaven.  And the prices were actually within the affordable range.  So I found some goodies...okay, a lot of goodies to bring home.

Lets just say I may have blown my budget on this one. 

I found my dream canister set though!  That makes it worth it right?  I've always coveted these Kromex canisters (especially in turquoise), so I was pretty tickled to finally find a set in person.  And I was even more tickled to see that all the white lettering was in good shape.  In fact, the only imperfection is a small dent on the flour canister, easy enough to hide by placing it in the back. 
At $20, I think I got a pretty good deal. 
Of all my purchases, this is the only one I sort of regret.  This vintage Kenmore mixer was only $5 and works, but is otherwise in pretty bad shape.  I've never came across a Kenmore before in this area though, so I suppose I could always use it as a display piece, it does have a nice look.  
Other miscellaneous pieces I picked up include the salt and pepper for only 50 cents, the teal handled strainer for $4, and the pink Ecko slotted spoon for $4.  This is my second pink Ecko utensil, the first being a cake spatula.  
Now it's time for my favorite part, and the part I'm sure you have been anticipating actually, Pyrex!  I finally found more of the turquoise pie plates!  This makes four total for me.  Each of these set me back $8.  The Turquoise round casserole was only $5 and the blue wheat was an awesome price at $2.50 although minorly worn from the dish washer.   
I almost missed this Pyrex glass funnel when I was shopping... You see, it was sitting on this marvelous huge vintage sink mounted on turquoise metal cabinets.  I loved it.  Sadly, dad said no to the whole helping me get large sink home process.  He was okay with my $4 funnel though, so I guess that works. 

This Terra Cotta Rose casserole was a bit of a splurge for me at $12.  It is one of the patterns I have never even saw in person though and I think it will be fabulous for using in autumn.  And since autumn is my favorite season, in an odd way, I can reason my way to justifying the purchase.  The grey band sugar bowl and individual red dish for the hostess set were each $4.  Now I just need to find more of those elusive little red buggers.  The Thermos actually came from a goodwill on the way home, I think it looks pretty neat.  
I was thrilled to find this gooseberry mixing bowl for an awesome $6.  Why you may ask?  Because I've been incredibly tempted to purchase the same bowl for $12 lately.  I've never had much luck with finding gooseberry, so I'm happy to have this in my collection.  Even more thrilling was this large golden grapes bowl from the chip and dip sets!  A chip and dip set is the number one item on my wish list, so I will take what I can get on this front.  At only $8, it gives me some wiggle room to hopefully find the small bowl and bracket. 

Finally, we have this blue promotional divided casserole.  I am in love with the pattern and amazingly it was the first item I picked up for the day.  Literally, when you walked in the door, there it was.  At $8.50, even though I really didn't need any more divided casseroles, I still bought it.  If I'm being completely honest with myself, I probably don't need any more mixing bowls, casseroles, or refrigerator dishes either.  But it won't stop me.  And I'm okay with this.  
Well that's all for now folks!  What do you think?  An antique mall worth returning to?
Happy thrifting! 


  1. Holy cow! Nice haul! Too bad he squashed the giant sink dreams! :-)

  2. You found some great pieces!!

    I think I am nearing my limit on Pyrex, unless it is a real special piece, I just have no more space!! Still fun to look at though!


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